DIY: Upcycle an Old Pallet into a Rustic Wine Rack And Wine Glass Holder

upcycle pallet into rustic wine rack

Recycling pallets and turning them into furniture is know as "Upcycling". It's becoming a popular trend these days, and for good reason too, the furniture looks amazing. I modified this design from a single bottle holder found on instructables. Hope you enjoy

1. Tear down the pallet
upcycle pallet into wine rack

Last week I got these Oak pallet box lids, so this is what I'll use for this project.

2. Cut the length
upcycle pallet into wine rack

For this particular project I went with 24" lengths for my back boards. these boards are 5" wide each so I'll only need two of them. You don't want this to be any less wide that 9.5".
Note: I left the staples in to add to the rustic look I was going for. You don't have to do this.

3. Cut the shelf
upcycle pallet into wine rack

Measure the width of of your backboard and cut your shelf to that measurement.

4. Square up the shelf to the backboards
upcycle pallet into wine rack

I used a speed square to line my shelf square to the backboards, then quickly scribed a line to mark both boards for my shelf placement.

Not Pictured: I then pre-drilled both backboards from the back and screwed them to the shelf.

5. Cut and drill wine rack
upcycle pallet into wine rack

My apologies. I failed to photograph this step. Use image above as a reference.

Cut: Mark a line 1" inch in on the shelf. Cut one end of your wine rack at a 45 degree angle. Line your cut wine rack board up to the 1" inch mark on the shelf, then mark the top of the wine rack board for your "reverse" 45 degree angle cut.

Drill: To drill the holes, use a 1 1/4" inch whole saw bit. Make sure to separate your holes to give the bottles enough distance from each other so that they do not hit each other. As you can see above, I slightly offset my holes.

6. Wine glass holder
upcycle pallet into wine rack

For the glass holders I just used the leftover pieces of the shelf and wine rack using 45 degree angle cuts. You will have to cut these according to the measurement of the base of your wine glass.

7. Enjoy Your Rack
rustic two bottle wine rack

When your done you should have a great looking rustic wine rack that can house two bottles of wine.

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