DIY: How To Build A Rustic Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener From A Pallet

How To Build A Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener From A Pallet

I like to build things from scrap wood I find laying around the house. Today I built a simple wall mounted bottle opener from a scrap pallet box lid

1. Seperate the boards
DIY Wall Bottle Opener

First thing is first. Gotta seperate the boards to get them ready to cut. This is the lid off of a pallet box used for shipping. I got lucky and got this Oak Wood pallet lid.

2. Cut the pieces to length
DIY Wall Bottle Opener

Figure the lengths that you want each piece. I went with 16" inches tall with a 5" inch square box on the bottom to catch the bottle caps.

3. Put it together
DIY Wall Bottle Opener

Use wood glue and brad nails to assemble the pieces. As you can see I left some of the old staple in the wood to add to the rustic look of it.

This took 20 minutes to tear apart, cut, and assemble. Mount it wherever you want and crack open a cold one!