7 Things To Bring For A Trip To The Snow

7 Things to bring with you for a day in the snow

Snow days can be either really fun or really boring. Lets face it, we're not all outdoorsy people, and when its cold outside, things can get pretty miserable for some. Luckily, I took some of the guess work out of some of the necessities that should be brought along for a day in the snow.

1. The Sleds. Who goes to the snow just for a snow ball fight? Have a snowball fight while riding in one of these bad boys. Race down the hill in some competitive sledding. Or take your sled off some sweet snow jumps to impress the wife and kids, or friends.

2. The Thermos. It's just common sense. When its cold outside, you warm up your insides. Hot coffee and/or Cocoa makes the snow that much more enjoyable. Hell, its even more enjoyable if you throw a little bit of #6 in it.

3. The Folding Chair. Hey, we're getting older. We can only walk up and down the slope so many times before we burn out. So, you'll need a place to sit to watch the kids sled their little hearts out while you drink your nice warm beverage straight from your thermos!

4.The BBQ. Kids work up an appetite. When kids are hungry they whine and say things like "Dad I'm hungry" every 10 seconds until they are finally fed. So not only is bringing a bbq a good idea, its a great idea, because I get hungry too.

5.The Wool Blanket. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to predict how the trip is going to turn out. A wool blanket is always handy for getting out of the wet clothes and warming up, especially if no one else is ready to pack up and leave yet.

6.The Scotch. No explanation needed here. Scotch is just awesome.

7. The Portable Radio. Gives you a little background noise and if you have a group of people with you music can be a great topic piece. I just like to listen to music. Keeps me relaxed and focused, plus I like to act like I'm the singer in every band that plays a song on the radio.

Here's the list. Now go find some snow and make a day out of it.