5 clever disguise's for sneaking alcohol into anywhere

5 clever disguise's for sneaking alcohol into anywhere

Beer can be very expensive at sporting events, and finding hard alcohol? Forget about it! These disguises are perfect for assisting you in sneaking beer or whiskey to your event.

1. Coca-Cola Beer Sleeve
Coca-Cola Beer Sleeve

These are genius! Wrap a few beers in these Sleeves and toss them in the ice chest. These are actually available on amazon here.

2. Cell Phone Flask

This may be the best disguise yet. No one is going to questions your cell phone since they are allowed anywhere and everywhere. Buy them here.

3. Beer Belly Flask

Beer bellies are a common trend in men in the US seeing how our diets suck and we like beer. Look perfectly normal wearing this beer belly flask. Available here.

4. Binocular Flask

These binoculars wont get you seeing any clearer or closer, but may eventually cause your vision to blur and your balance to stagger. Available here.

5. Pee Bag Flask

This flask may have you running to the restroom to fill up your class rather that the urinal. Grab a soda and spike it in the bathroom. Find them here.

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