5 Manly Alcohol Drinks That'll Earn You Respect From The Pub Vets

Manly Alcohol Drinks

So your going to the bar, but your not really a bar drinker, and you don't want to look like a noob ordering a bitch drink in front of the regulars. Here's 5 manly drinks that'll get you the nod of approval!

1. Whiskey Sour

A concoction of Whiskey and Lemon Juice. Beginners may want to sneak a little sugar in there to take away some of the bite.

2. Snake Bite

In the name alone, Shouting to the bartender "Give me a snake bite", will catch the attention of the bar patrons. Made up of a shot of Canadian Whiskey and a dash of Lime Juice. Nothing about this drink says "you're a pussy".

3. Rusty Nail

Cowards will tremble at the name of the Rusty Nail. No wannabe's can handle this manly drink. A Glass of Scotch with a Lemon Peel and you have a rusty nail. Men will envy you, women will want you!

4. Jack and Coke

The most common 'go-to' drink for men that's sure to add some bass to your voice. Pour some Jack Daniels in a glass over ice and add just enough coke to give it sweet but bitter edge. Warning, too many of these and a hangover is eminent..

5. Irish Car Bomb

Probably the manliest of all manly drinks. This concoction combines three ingredients to create a drink of unmatched badassness. Shotglass of Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey dropped into a pint of Irish Stout. Chug it before it hardens!