5 Childhood Movies of Manly Toughness

Manly Movies You Watched As A Kid

When you were a kid, growing up in the late 80's to early 90's, you might remember the 'Tough Guy Tuesday' program on TBS where they'd play a killer action movie at night when most kids were sleeping. If you were one of the lucky kids with a kickass dad, you got to watch these, manly movies of toughness, and bragg about it to your friends the next day at school.

1. BloodSport
Manly Movies Of Toughness

There's not really much of a story here, and not that there really needs to be. Basically a movie full of Jean-Claude Van Dammage doing the splits on the back of two chairs and kicking butt with sweet round house kicks

2. Die Hard
Manly Movies Of Toughness

The day is Christmas Eve. John McClane (aka Bruce Willis) is just chilling with his family at a holiday company party when BAM! Terrorists bust in taking hostages! McClane knows the odds are highly against him, like 90% against him, but he does what all manly men do and steps up to the challenge and risks life and limb to save everyone.

3. Predator
Manly Movies Of Toughness

"Get to the CHOPPA!" -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger showing off his huge guns while carrying guns. Also stars Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed).

4. Rambo First Blood
Manly Movies Of Toughness

Sylvester Stallone and, his glorified speech impediment, waltz into a small quiet town after serving in Vietnam. The local authorities don't like the looks of him so they arrest him. Sly unleashes hell of them throwing punches and shit. Rambo and his fantastic mullet make it into the woods where he's got to fight for his life.

5. Robocop
Manly Movies Of Toughness

one third man and two thirds robot. Man gets killed, then turned into a super cop, and eventually just starts kicking major criminal ass. Boddicker, the supervillian, puts a target on Murphy (robocop) and the war is on.

I was 8 years old. Back then I could rent rated R movies from the video store as long as I told them my parents said it was ok. So thats what I did. I brought Robocop home to show my friends after watching it on Tough Guy Tuesday and instantly got my ass busted by the ole man as if I wasn't suppose to share this awesome movie of manly toughness with my friends.