Guy swallows penny and regrets it next day


Swallowing a penny on a dare for some extra spending money seems harmless right? It's all good until you remember you have to go through metal detectors at the airport the next day.

Hello guys,
Today I really fucked up badly. Well today wasn't the fuck up, just the consequence of my fuck up. But I didn't know that the fuck up happened when it happened.

So two days ago I was challenged by a friend to eat this coin. He offered me 10 bucks, so I accepted, because I forgot my wallet in my car and wanted to buy my lunch without going back. Nothing wrong, and no consequences to happen. Right?

Today I wanted to fly from Germany to Israel for vacation. I was in the line for the security check and was asked to put my belongings + shoes in this little basket so they could be rayed. I always find this annoying, but I see why it's important, so I don't complain! I don't like the security guys touching me, so I also undressed my belt.

I was going through the metal detector and it beeped. The guy who checked me afterwards checked me and it still wasn't fine. I got nervous and said stuff like:"I'm not having any bad things on me, please just let me go" The fact that I said this, and also that me and the gf bought the tickets directly on the airport, made him send me after a telephone call to a small locker room.
I needed to take my shirt and pants off, and also my underwear in front of two evil looking guys. As that isn't enough I also needed to spread my ass cheeks and pull back my foreskin under his flashlight. They found nothing so they finally let me pass.

Everything because I ate a damn coin.

That was the most emberassing moment in my entire life and it helps, that I still got the plane, laying in a wonderful hotel room in a wonderful city, and having the support of my wonderful girlfriend :)

TL;DR: Ate a coin and found myself standing completely naked at the airport in front of two police officers.