DIY Country Farm Table

Country Farm Table

So while I have been remodeling our kitchen and dinning room this last year (i'm still working on it), I was trying to take panoramic photo of my progress, I noticed something was out of place. Our dinner table didn't match our needs (too small) and the space it was sitting in. A round table in a rectangular room.

Me and my wife really like the look of rustic furniture as well as country, and farmhouse style furniture. So naturally I did a Google search to do some shopping, and quickly came to a decision. I had 3 options 1.) Purchase a low quality table for a medium-high price, 2.) Purchase a high quality table at an even HIGHER price, or 3.) Purchase all the materials required to build the table I wanted for very little money. I chose #3.

I furthered my search on google and came across this beautiful FarmHouse Table from Ana White. I followed the plans step-by-step and ended up completing this table start to finish in about 10-12 hours.