Crazy people find Proof of aliens on Mars in the form of woman walking on mars

Woman On Mars

Alien hunters are at it again. Calling every unique looking rock on mars proof that Alien life exists.

UFO buffs, for years, have been looking at images taken by NASA probes of Mars surface finding objects(rocks) that look like lizards, mermaids, and even a statue of Obama's head.

obama head on mars

I recently talked to Argualt the high commander of the Alien regime on planet Mars and he said:

"Not to worry, they would never disgrace their planet with a statue of Obama, claiming its a photo thats been doctored by a liberal tard."

Woman Walks on Mars

The above picture does look insanely like a woman. What was so convincing that this was indeed a woman, was that when zoomed in you can see massive amounts of cleavage seen here.

woman on mars boobs

woman walking on mars

Anyway... .