Misspelled tattoos that prove some people should not get tattoos with words in them.

Misspelled Tattoos

I'm a lover of tattoos. I happen to have quite a few myself. BUT, one thing I have always done when getting the art drawn up, is to proof read it first before the stencil goes on the skin. Don't be like these tards. Look at your tattoos and make sure the spelling is right before you make a permanent mistake.

1. Clearly a just a bad decision

2. I believe your wrong
believe in strength

3. Didn't Killed
 didn't kill me
Hooked on phonics will give you a stronger reading ability. Maybe..

4. Its Get Better
 It gets better
That Tattoo isn't going to get's better.

5. Stop Starring Bitches
 stop staring

6. Nickelback
Clearly a BIG fan

7. No Regerts
 no regrets
None? Really? None at all?