6 Things we all do in hotels

6 things we all do in hotels

Sadly my job requires me to travel quite often. When I'm not working, I'm sitting in the hotel room either bored or sleeping. But today, for some reason, I got to thinking about things that I KNOW we all do when we stay at hotels.

Hotel Toiletries

1. Collecting Toiletries: This has to be the most popular of the 5. We're not exactly sure why we do this, but something about the little soap bottles say "Take Me Home"

Naked In Hotel Room

2. Walk around naked in the hotel room: No real reason not to. If it feels right, do it! Just keep the window blinds down.

Hotel WiFi

3. WiFi Pirate: You've paid for your room and the internet is free. I think its a good time to download those HD movies and MP3's you've been wanting. Why not?

 Hotel Bathroom

4. Go to the Restroom with the door open: Again, your all alone! Time to experience full freedom!

 Hotel Fridge

5. Left food in the refrigerator: After a long week, when Friday comes and its time to go home, its easy to forget about the food you put in the fridge on Monday. Sorry housekeeping...

 Hotel Checkout

6. Leave without checking out and keeping the key cards:I do this every week. I have a stock pile of room key cards that my kids now use as pretend credit cards. whoops..