My First Homemade Hard Apple Cider. SUI-CIDER

Hard Apple Cider How To

Well I've always wanted to create and brew my own Hard Apple Cider. I went to the local health store and picked up two 1 gallon glass carboys of juice and some yeast and started brewing!

Step 1: Make sure whatever juice you use is "unpasturized" so you know your getting the best!

Step 2: When you go to purchase your Yeast, get wine yeast. This will allow for a higher level of alcohol than other types.

Step 3: Provided your carboy is clean, fill it with your juice. Add one cup of sugar, and half your packet of yeast. Toss your air lock on the top of the bottle!

Step 4: Place carboy in a dark room at a temp of around 65 degrees for 2-4 weeks to let fermentation take place.

Once the air lock stops creating bubbles, which means the yeast has mostly died off and have stopped creating gasses (ie:bubbles), you can start the final step.

Step 5: add a Tablespoon of sugar to each bottle and fill bottle half way up the neck of the bottle to allow room for the carbonation. let sit for approximately 2 weeks and chill. When the bottles are cold enough. DRINK'EM!

Hard Apple Cider