Is there anything manlier than chewing tobacco and drinking whiskey?

Whisky And Tobacco

Tobacco has been used for hundreds of years. Native Americans used it in combination with lime to bring out the nicotine. Indians, or Native Americans, rode horses, shot bow'n arrows, threw spears, and scalped people. Pretty manly if I'd say so myself.

In the 20th century chewing tobacco was huge among athletes, particularly Major League Baseball were men swing bats and throw balls. It's Americas favorite past-time and The Babe (Babe Ruth), certainly enjoyed his whiskey, so its obviously pretty manly.

In Western America both chewing tobacco and whiskey were widely popular. Who rode horses, shot six-shooters, wore spurs, and kicked ass at it? Yup that's right. Cowboys did! Whoever says Cowboys aren't manly ain't American.

Finally, two of the most manly of men who ever roamed this earth both used chewing tobacco and drank whiskey. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood not only did the fore-mentioned, but they also played cowboys on the big screen. Yeah, they may not have actually been "real" cowboys, but are you going to walk up to either one and tell them they're not manly? Forget about it! (John Wayne is dead btw)