Relaxing hobbies For Men To Release Stress and Increase Your Mood

Top Relaxing Hobbies

We should all have a hobby. A hobby is an activity that is done during your leisure time. And no! sitting on your butt doing nothing when your bored or have unfilled time in your schedule does not count as a hobby.

A hobby should:

1. Be something that you enjoy and not something you feel you "have" to do
2. Give you a sense of accomplishment
3. Free your mind of the stresses work, family, bills, or as we like to call it "life"

It's ok to have many hobbies. Hell, I have so many I can't count them all, but the important thing is, is that each hobby I have cost's little to no money, they're fun and inspiring, and at the end of the day I'm a happier less stressed man.

Keeping a Fish Aquarium

Fish Keeping has been a stress relieving hobby for 100's of years. Watching the movement of fish and other aquatic species puts your mind in a relaxed state.

Weight training/exercise

Hobbies for men exercise

Your body does several things while weight training that help you feel better mentally. Endorphines get released into the blood stream activating the opiate receptors giving you a sense of relaxation, An increase in natural testosterone, and the sweat released from your body removes toxins that put you in a sluggish mood.


Hobbies for men golf

A competitive yet tranquil sport. I like to play this game while walking the course. Walking gives me more time try and perfect my horrible golf game and to clear my head of life's stresses.

we need to approach golf as not only a sport, but a discipline of concentration. It is an exercise in search of the perfect swing that is practiced in a peaceful and relaxing natural environment. -Master Giovanni Veronelli

Golf is truly one of few sports that you can play against yourself. Beating your previous game is just as fun as beating others. Some might say that what makes this sport so much fun to play is its difficulty to master.

Wood working

Hobbies for men wood working
Because my shop is a sacred space that changes me from an insignificant wage slave into a creator. When I transform wood, it transforms me. - Darin M.

Wood working opens your inner creativity. You get to free your mind from the hustle and bustle of the world. Creating something useful with your hands gives you a great sense of accomplishment no matter how big or small the project. Wood continues to be a timeless, creative, and relaxing hobby for many

Read a Book

Hobbies for men book reading

Reading a book may be one of the best reasons to pick up a hobby. It gives your brain an escape from reality and --in some ways-- gives you another life to live.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads lives only one. -George R.R. Martin