DIY : Birch and Pine Poker Table with Padded Topper

Do it yourself poker table

Guy builds his own, DIY, poker table and shows us through pictures. The end result is an amazing table!

The arm rail with the support

do it yourself poker table

This was the first point where I remembered to take any progress pics. But this is actually an amazingly easy project that very well could be done by any weekend warrior with a good amount of patience. I used 3 sheets of plywood for this 1/4" pine, 3/4" pine, and 1/2" birch. The pine is used for support and the birch is the exposed wood that you'll see. The only tools I needed were a jig saw to cut the rings and a staple gun for the felt. This picture is the base of the arm rest, the large piece is the quarter inch pine and the support ring underneath is the 3/4". I cut the pieces to size and glued them together. This is when I was sanding them to make sure it was completely flush.

Stained racetrack

do it yourself poker table

This is the racetrack that sits around the play area on the table. It's cut from the sheet of birch to fit snug against the arm rail. I did 3 coats of stain and 3 coats of semi gloss to finish it up. usually this is where the cup holders would go, but since this sits directly on top of my kitchen table, I didn't have the depth to add any.

Play top

do it yourself poker table

This is just the leftover wood from cutting out the racetrack. I sanded down the sides a bit so that there would be room for the felt to pass between this and the racetrack.

Finished arm rail

do it yourself poker table

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of when I added the padding or stapled the vinyl down. The padding was a 3/4 inch high density foam that I ordered from I used a spray adhesive to lay the foam down, then wrapped it around the outer edge and stapled it to the underside of the armrest too. That gives it a nice round look instead of a blocky shape if I skipped that step. After the foam is down I laid the vinyl over, cut it to size, and stapled that down to the rail too. In the picture I'm test fitting everything to make sure it all fits

Table without the felt

do it yourself poker table

This is another test fit to make sure that I had room to add the felt.

All finished!

do it yourself poker table

Doing the felt for the top is available lot like the arm rail. There's 1/4" foam laid down on top of the wood that's joined together with the spray adhesive. Then the felt is stapled down over that. Overall I probably used about 400 staples on this whole project. Once all the pieces were ready, I used the center piece of plywood from the 3/4" plywood and screwed the armrest, racetrack and play top down to that.

On the underside of the table, I added the leftover foam from the arm rail so that it wouldn't scratch any tables that I put it on. Overall this project cost about $200, with $160 of it being the two sheets of foam, the felt and the vinyl. So far I've only won $40 of that back:(