Convenience Store Deli Food Worker is as bad as a Car Salesman.

Convenience store deli food experience

All Was Well

I woke up earlier than normal this morning and I'll admit, I was feeling super lazy and didn't feel like making my typical yogurt with hemp and chia seed. It ended up being a "deli food" kind of morning.

I got up, got dressed, made my coffee (thank god for keurig), and headed out the door with a grumbling tummy. There is a convenience store right next to where I was working that has a deli and they just so happened to have those delicious chicken crispito's. If you don't know what a chicken crispito is, your missing out. They're chicken, cheese, and spices wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried until they are crispy. They're awesome.

So I walk into the store, grab a bottle of water, and proceed to the deli hot case to see if they have anything worth a damn at 5am in the morning that hasn't been cooked the night before. BOOM! I see a platter of freshly deep fried chicken crispito's looking up at me. Almost as if they were calling too me "Take Me".

Where it Turned

Just as I was about to announce, with excitement, to the cashier how many I wanted, I heard something that just flat out annoyed the shit out of me. Before I could get even one word out, the cashier cut me off and asked me "Do you want something from the Deli?". It wasn't necessarily just the question I found annoying, but the rushed tone he gave me when he said it.

The Rant

This didn't exactly --piss me off-- but it did irritate me to an extent.

I got to thinking. It seems people are so impatient anymore. I mean. Take my experience this morning for example. It was obvious that I was interested in the food that was in the hot case. If I wanted something, wouldn't I have asked or told him which item I wanted? Don't ask me, I'll let you know. Ask me what kind of condiments I want with the food I tell you I want.

Its like a car salesman. There is nothing more annoying to me than a car salesman. I can never pull into a car lot and get one foot out of my car before a salesman walks up and asks me the obvious question " You looking for a new car today?". I mean, why the hell else would I be at a car lot? The only thing a car salesman should ask me is what kind of options I want with the car that I tell them I want.


I may be easily irritable,hell, you might just consider me a ass, but I'm perfectly capable of making decisions for myself without a salesman, deli worker, or anyone else pressuring me into making a decision.

Let me do the looking, and I'll let you know what I want.