The largest breweries in all 50 states

Largest brewery in all 50 states

I love beer and so do you. Here is a necessary infographic put together by showing the largest brewery in all 50 states.

largest breweries in all 50 states

Notes on the map:


Four Peaks Brewing is being acquired by AB-InBev. The next largest brewery in the state is SanTan Brewing Company.

Colorado / Wisconsin

While MillerCoors (pending its acquisition by AB-InBev) operates breweries in other states (and is headquartered in Illinois, the Coors and Miller breweries in those states are the "homes" of each brand, and by far the largest in each respective state. Colorado's next largest brewery is owned by New Belgium Brewing. Wisconsin's next largest brewery belongs to Sleeman Brewing Co.

Oregon / Washington

While Craft Brew Alliance is the parent company of Widmer Brothers Brewing and Red Hook Brewery, the brands' respective breweries are the largest in these states. The next largest brewery in Oregon is operated by Deschutes Brewery. The next largest brewery in Washington is owned by Georgetown Brewing Co.

Massachusetts / Ohio / Pennsylvania

While Boston Beer Co.'s Sam Adams brand is closely associated with Massachusetts, the company presently brews virtually all of its beer in Ohio and Pennsylvania. D. G. Yuengling & Son operates Pennsylvania's largest brewery.


While AB In-Bev's Budweiser brand family operates breweries in multiple states, we mapped its brewery in its home state.

New York

Through a long series of transactions, New York's century-plus-old Genesee Brewing Company is now owned by Costa Rica's Florida Ice and Farm Company S.A. (FIFCO). The brewery is currently owned by a FIFCO subsidiary, North American Breweries. While the company produces many brands, and has a substantial contract brewing business, the production of the Genesee brands at the upstate brewery outpaces New York's second largest brewer, Brooklyn Brewery.

In other states such as Florida, where there are large secondary breweries for out of state brewers or contract brewing operations, we mapped the largest locally headquartered brewery.

Although Pabst is one of the largest beer brands in the United States, it is not represented in any one state, as it is brewed at various MillerCoors breweries throughout the country