5 Fads or trends That Are Absolutely Stupid (opinionated)

stupid fads and trends

Over the past few years there have been multiple trends that are beyond ridiculous, in my opinion, but for some reason people pick them up and run with them. I'm not one to follow fads nor am I one to try to be like others.

1. The stupid flat bill hat

stupid flat bill hat

I've heard a rumor that people were wearing these in the late 80's to early 90's but it really blew up in the early 2000's. Apparently people don't have their own identities and try to imitate rappers, because rappers are cool. I'm sure it looked just as stupid in the early 90's as it does today.

2. Stupid hipster glasses with or without lenses.

stupid hipster glasses

People used to wear glasses because they couldn't see good. Now they wear them cause they're cool? Without prescription lenses? Get-the-f#*@-out!

I'm not sure why, maybe I need a chill pill, but I still get pissed when I see a hipster with a pair of these on. Not sure who started this and I don't care. Its just stupid.

3. Girls who wear those stupid uggs

girl wearing stupid uggs

Not too sure about this one. For one, the name is just plain stupid. When I see someone wearing these I think two things. Uggs make you look lazy and sloppy. Looks like you stuck your feet up a sheep ass and decided to wear them around town. They may be comfortable and keep your little piggley wiggley's warm, but they should be kept in the confines of your home.

4. tapered jeans tucked behind the tongue of shoe.

tapered jeans tucked behind the tongue of shoe

When did this become a modern style of dressing? This is stupid. It says " hey, look at my shoes and how big the stupid tongue is!". I understand this has been happening for along time, but didn't become "cool" until recent. I'll keep wearing my pants over my shoes.

5. Stupid man bun hairstyle

bad hair cut for men

Man buns only belong on Samurai ninja's and even they looked stupid with one. Are you a Samurai Ninja? Probably not.

Final Thought

I'm not sure why I get so irritated over these fads. It could be that I just have an anger problem and find these looks completely ridiculous, or maybe I hate when people can't be themselves and they fit themselves into the latest trends to make them feel cool? Either way, I obviously dislike these ones.