DIY : Do it yourself air hose reel.

Do it yourself air hose reel

In a diy post from a couple weeks ago I built a wall organizer for my garage that would allow me to keep the tools off of the floor and organized on the wall, as well as give me the freedom to move and re-organize them any way I need to.

This weekend, during the Seahawks game (GO HAWKS), I built a hose reel able to hold 50 ft of air hose. I used scrap material from past projects I had laying around the house, with the exception of some pipe and fittings I had to purchase from the hardware store.

What you'll need

Do it your self hose reel

1a.plywood 1/2" or 3/4"
1b. wooden dowel 1/2", 3/4", or 1"
2. 2" and 1 1/4" wood screws
3. wood glue
4. drill with 5/16" Forstner or paddle bit
5. jig saw/band saw
6. pipes/fittings/pipe tape
7. Beer (if capable/drink responsibly)

Cut the circular sides and the dowels to length

Do it your self hose reel

For this I made a quick jig out of a piece of kindling. I drilled a 1/8" hole for my pivot point for a nail, then measured 6" and drilled a 5/16" hole for my pencil. This created a near perfect 12" diameter hole for my side pieces.

I cut 3 1" thick dowels at 6" in length. Depending on what size dowel you use you may need to cut more.

Build the box and assemble your piping
Do it your self hose reel

This is where you'll need to determine how big you need your box. Its up to you. I built mine 13"x13" to give me 1' inch clearing beneath and behind the hose real.

For the piping I drilled a 9/16" hole through the material. This gave me a snug fit for the pipe. as you can see in the image above I continued the piping with angle fitting to create the handle.

Do it your self hose reel

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but my Hawks were playing..