5 wallet tools every man should have

Wallet Tools For Men

Being a manly man can be tough at times. Every once and awhile we get ourselves into a pinch. Whether you need to build an emergency log cabin, shoot a critter with an arrow, or simply comb your beard, we got you covered with these manly wallet sized tools.

1. Bottle Opener

Real men drink beer(well mostly). Beer is trapped behind a bottle cap. This device breaks through that barrier and gives you access to that golden-sudsy, barley pop.

2. 2oz Wallet Flask

This can be perfect for all kinds of situations. Family get-togethers with the "in-laws" can be painful for most. Keep that liquid courage in your back pocket.

3. Wallet Axe

Ever been camping and forget your axe? I know I have, and it sucks to have to try to chop kindling with a pocket knife. This sweet credit card ax also doubles as an arrow in case you run out of food and need to make a bow and slay a bear or something.

4. Credit Card Size Wallet Comb

To some men, their beard is everything. And why wouldn't it be. The secret to a manly beard is patience and time. Keep it in check with this Beard Comb.

5. Wallet Knife

Never know when you might need to skin a rabbit or carve stick. Hell, maybe you're out in the woods and need to man-scape your mustache. Either way. This knife is a must have.