Burger Kings New Hot Dog Is Not Winning Customer Approval

Burger King Burnt Hotdog

Burger King recently added hot dogs to their menu and customers aren't happy about this burnt wiener. Especially this lady

I went through the drive thru and saw that Burger King now have hot dogs. I was so excited. This will be great for my grand kids plus I myself like hot dogs. I ordered one with cheese plus some other food. On my arrival at home and taking my hot dog out of the paper it was burnt totally black. I could not possible have eaten it.

I returned to Burger King with my hot dog took it inside and asked if I could please have a new one and showed them the burnt dog. The grill cook told me that was the way they came out of the grill. I pointed to the picture up on the order wall and remarked, well those don't look that way. He just shrugged. I then asked if I could have a hamburg instead.

The other person working walked up to the counter and said she had no idea as she didn't work the grill. Very disappointed in Burger King's new addition!